Southern California gets 278 SUNNY DAYS a year,
our Commercial Solar Options take advantage of that!

Solar Energy Builders can turn your parking, storage, semi-truck, and loading areas into profitable assets for virtually the same cost as roof-top solar in Southern California.

Our solar canopies provide many exceptional benefits including:

  • Vastly expanding power production capabilities
  • Eliminating roofing concerns
  • Improving property aesthetics and value
  • Providing shaded parking – a bonus to attracting tenants
  • PLUS, parking area seal and re-stripe available for every canopy

We put our 40 years of design/build experience to work and developed low-cost-turn-key solutions, buy our materials factory direct, do our own installations, and leave out the costly middle man.

Roof Top

Commercial roof-top solar can be 4x less costly than utility power. We offer a wide variety of engineered mounting commercial solar options and solutions according to your needs.

On average, every 250 sq. ft. of commercial roof-top solar can provide:

  • $480 or more per year in operating cost savings
  • $3,800 in property value increase
  • $2,000 in Federal TAX CREDITS

With these benefits, it’s no wonder why going solar makes sense — and dollars.

Ground Mounted

Ground-Mounted solar is perfect for agribusinesses or property owners with open space and limited roof or parking areas. Using open areas offers the flexibility to optimize efficiency and electrical output.

Solar Energy Builders offers commercial solar options like in-ground fixed, tracking, and surface ballasted systems that easily adapt to the ground conditions of your site.

Ground-mounted systems make the most of available space and sunlight, remain easy to maintain, and are designed to withstand high winds and bad weather.

System Upgrades

Your solar system can harvest even greater benefits to your business with these commercial solar options that we offer to supplement your energy solutions.

commercial solar options

Energy Storage

Pairing existing or new solar with solar energy storage technology can more than double your savings.

EV Charging 4 Southern California

EV Charging

Integrate EV-Charging with your solar system or include as a stand alone addition to your property with our turn-key design, permitting, and installation services.

Southern California energy management

Energy Management

Between 40% and 60% of your utility charges can be the result of only 1% of your usage. Control those peak energy usages to drastically save on energy bills.

Let’s start building an energy smart future for you today!