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We know you’ll have a lot of solar energy questions, and we’re ready for them all!

Commonly Asked Questions About Solar Energy

Is solar power reliable and how long will it last?2020-07-17T11:00:56-07:00

Absolutely. Solar installations began over 50 years ago, and many systems that are decades old built with far less sophistication than today’s products are still in operation today. The solar system technologies offered today are extremely reliable and the solar panels used are designed to produce at least 85% of their initial power over the first 25 years. Solar Energy Builder’s residential options come with a 25 year solar panel and inverter warranty. Adding to that, Solar Energy Builders provides a warranty of at least 10 years on the materials and workmanship.

Will adding solar increase the value of our building, or business?2020-08-13T10:40:23-07:00

Yes, it can. The future value of the electricity your solar system will produce can easily add up to thousands, and even millions, of dollars that any future owner would have had to buy from a utility. For homes, the National Association of Appraisers has estimated that a home’s value could easily increase by up to 8x the value of annual energy savings. For businesses, when you reduce operating costs you increase your net operating income (NOI) which is a key metric to commercial building valuations.

What type of return on investment can we expect?2020-09-04T11:20:40-07:00

The rate of return will vary depending upon several factors, but in our experience many solar systems provide a 100% return on capital investment in as little as three to seven years. The key point to remember is that virtually 100% of the cost for your solar system was cash you would have sent to the utility company every month which you wisely decided to put to work for you.

What is the long-term cost benefit of a solar PV system?2020-07-17T10:52:00-07:00

With a roof-top or carport solar PV system, you can convert thousands, and even millions, of dollars’ worth of solar energy into usable power providing you with a strategic cost cutting advantage well into the future. You take immediate control, and predictability, of your long-term energy costs giving you peace of mind.

How do tax incentives help pay for as much as 60% of my solar system?2020-08-13T10:41:47-07:00

The Federal government offers a 26% tax credit on the purchase cost of a solar power system. That’s $2,600 back in your pocket for every $10,000 in system cost. You can carry forward unused tax credits for up to 20 years. Additionally, businesses can take advantage of depreciation allowances. In California, these combined incentives can add up to over 60% of a solar systems cost.

How much does a solar power system cost? The less than obvious answer is ZERO.2020-07-17T10:50:54-07:00

Here’s how. You already pay for energy every month with no end in sight. When you invest in a solar photovoltaic (PV) system, future utility payments now stay in your pocket to offset the system cost, you own an appreciating asset, and literally decades of free power.

Ownership & Operating Questions

Will my utility provide me credit for the solar power that we do not use?2020-08-13T10:42:36-07:00

Yes, as a power generator you enter into a Net-Energy-Metering agreement with your public utility. This will provide you a retail value credit for the value of energy you produce and send to the utility.

Is solar system maintenance costly or problematic?2020-08-13T10:43:23-07:00

No, the materials used in solar systems have been developed over decades of real-world use and results. We recommend, and can provide, simple surface cleanings about once per year. Many solar systems are decades old and work flawlessly.

Are there any benefits to re-roofing at the same time we install solar?2020-07-17T11:06:18-07:00

Yes, by re-roofing when you install solar you may earn valuable tax credits for the portions of your roof work that is directly required as part of the solar install. Our project surveyors will help you access any potential concerns, and if you need new roofing the licensed professionals we work with provide unparalleled quality, and rock bottom pricing.

Will an installation create roof waterproofing issues?2020-07-17T11:05:45-07:00

Absolutely not. Solar Energy Builders warrants any roof penetrations for ten years, and in many cases we can install systems with a very limited number of penetrations. And, any roofing work is performed by licensed professionals.

Is switching to solar power difficult?2020-07-17T11:05:14-07:00

Not at all. You simply sign some paperwork and Solar Energy Builders handles everything so you don’t have to worry about anything. We get your solar system installed and running quickly so you can say goodbye to utility bills ASAP.

How do I know what size solar system I’ll need?2020-07-17T11:04:48-07:00

We take the guess work out of system sizing. Solar Energy Builders will provide you with an accurate custom proposal outlining the system location options, sizing, power production potential, and financial returns you can expect from each option making it easy for you to decide what works best for you.

System Investment Options Questions

Can solar tax incentives be used to help finance a solar system for my business?2020-09-04T11:17:12-07:00

Yes, sometimes paying cash for a solar system may not fit your cash flow or investment objectives. Given this, our lender pool offers programs that provide you ways to monetize the tax incentives upfront in return for instant utility savings.

If we do not want to pay cash, what are the options for financing a solar system?2020-08-13T10:46:53-07:00

Through our lending network, our lenders offer loans with 5 to 30 year payment plans, purchase through PACE property tax assessments with initial payments deferred for up to 12 months, and for businesses, Power Purchase (PPA) options that can save energy costs without the need for significant investments. In many instances, we can provide you with a cash flow positive result from day one with minimal to zero up-front costs.

Which is the best method to make our solar investment – cash, loan, or business lease?2020-07-17T11:11:29-07:00

Each method has its own unique benefits. In addition to tailoring a solar system designed to maximize your savings, we also provide you with an analysis of how cash or loan based purchase options cash flow over time. Our goal is to assist you and to help identify the best options.

Let’s start building an energy smart future for you today!

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