System Performance Diagnostics & Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar System Cleaning

Solar System Cleaning

Our trained cleaning staff will safely and efficiently clean your entire system with specialized tools and deionized water for a spotless shine across all of your panels to ensure optimal performance across your system. We will also provide you with before and after photos of your system so you can get a direct understanding of the amount of build-up on your system and therefore better determine how often you need a clean.

Drone Thermal Imaging

Drone Thermal Imaging

Drone Thermal Imaging

Our maintenance team will fly a thermal imagining drone over your system to generate a report on the health of your solar panels as well as pinpoint any modules that are not functioning to their full potential or are damaged.

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System Performance Diagnostics

System Performance Diagnostics

Our professional solar technicians will run a full System Performance Diagnostics to determine its current operating efficiency. After cleaning, we will present you with a final report of your systems overall health.

Should I clean my solar Panels?

Yes! Cleaning your solar modules will increase their efficiency thereby allowing your solar investment to save you more money each year!

How? Solar panels receive light through tiny solar cells. Overtime, these cells naturally become blocked by dirt, dust, and other environmental pollutants. When blocked, your panels’ energy production is hindered. Regular cleaning is crucial in ensuring that your panels receive maximum sunlight which results in improved energy production and a high performing energy system.


The best way to assess if your panels need cleaning is to examine where they are placed and what environmental factors they are being subjected to. If you are near heavy traffic areas, industrial zones, the coast, high dirt/dust areas or have any tree coverage around your solar panels, the likelihood your panels’ efficiency is being impacted by dirtiness increases greatly.

For high-impacted areas, such as the ones listed above, two cleanings a year is the industry standard to strategically increase solar savings. For low-impact areas, the general consensus is to have your panels cleaned professionally once a year.

We use revolutionary cleaning devices by Sola-Tecs designed specifically for solar panels, featuring a professional solution for cleaning and maintaining solar power and photovoltaic systems. Their high-pressure cleaning products use motorless technology to rotate the brush and achieve brilliant, sparkling results.

While some services utilize reverse osmosis water, we only use deionized water to clean your panels. The difference between reverse osmosis water and deionized water is the level of purity. When water goes through the process of reverse osmosis and reverse osmosis purification, the resulting water that is left for drinking is cleansed of solids but still saturated with salts and oxygen. We choose to avoid this water because the salts and oxygen left can create spotting on the surface of your panels. Our dedicated team of professionals use the best equipment and processes available because we value our clients and want you to get the most out of your solar investment.

As a solar installation company and experts in System Performance Diagnostics, we are experts at knowing how to work on roofs and solar carports without causing any damage. Our extensive knowledge of solar panels, installation, and system function is an advantage only we can offer compared to companies that do cleaning alone.

Once our staff arrives at your property, we use our knowledge and expertise to devise the proper cleaning plan to avoid any damage to the panels, or the property, while also ensuring safety to our employees and anybody else on site. To eliminate the potential for staining and spotting on your panel’s surface, our professionals use specialty deionized water to filter out harsh elements from your water source. Finally, once we access your modules, we use top of the line cleaning equipment by Sola-Tecs to ensure no damage is done to the panels’ surfaces while washing or drying.

Our professionals are committed to leaving your system sparkling and performing at its highest efficiency!