Business Benefits of EV Charging Stations

What are EV Charging Stations?

Simply put, an electric vehicle charging station supplies energy to plug-in electric vehicles. Your electric vehicle charging station can be combined with your solar system to optimize savings.

Business Benefits of EV Charging Stations

Businesses that offer EV charging show that they care about the environmental future and are taking measures to protect it. This reflects well on the business’ reputation. In fact, many consumers make it a point to search out businesses that are eco-friendly. Additionally, as more and more consumers purchase electric vehicles,  having an EV charging system at your business is crucial as another way to attract potential employees as well as aid existing employees.

By installing EV chargers, not only will you attract new customers, tenants or employees, but you can also earn additional revenue by electing to charge for use. As an EV Charging provider, you can set your own prices and offer discounts for your employees. Through caring for the environment you will demonstrate your business’ innovation, help reduce emissions and enhance your brand image all while increasing employee or tenant happiness. Additionally, your business will be part of the infrastructure of the future by preparing to meet the increasing EV charging needs in California and beyond!

What Businesses Should Install EV Chargers

Any and all businesses will benefit from installing EV charging stations. At Solar Energy Builders we offer solutions and installations for all forms of business including private business offices, commercial properties, industrial, retail, multifamily residential, parking lots and garages, and more.

By starting the process to go green, you can help save the planet – just another added benefit of installing EV chargers!

Seamless Install for Solar Canopies and Solar Carports

While EV charging can work with any solar system you have, we are especially known for our solar carport collections. Turn your parking lot into a fully-integrated service to your business with solar carports or solar canopies and connected EV Charging stations.

Turnkey Design, Permitting and Installation

We’ve had a lot of experience with EV charging stations, so you can expect expert service and results from our team. Our professionals will work with you to discuss all aspects of your job such as where you will park your electric vehicles, the type and speed of charger you should have, the number of EV chargers your business will need and the length of your charging cords. We will be able to handle every aspect of your project from your initial property assessment to the final installation.

Let’s start building an energy smart future for you today!