Los Angeles Electricity Rates

0 Cents / Kwh
Without Solar
0 Cents / Kwh
With Solar

That’s a 99.8% savings on every kWh you use with solar energy in Los Angeles!

Electricity rates in the Los Angeles area are increasing year to year with a rate of 19.8 cents per kWh in June of 2020.
With a solar energy system, the cost per kWh reduces to around .03 cents, but will vary with every solar energy system.

Solar Energy in Los Angeles County by Solar Energy Builders
Los Angeles Solar Energy

Los Angeles business and home owners are some of the luckiest around when it comes to solar energy. Considered a “no brainer” by many, a solar energy system can accrue up to over $100,000 in life-savings and the upfront cost can be offset by the tax credit and net metering incentives available to Los Angeles county citizens.

Then you factor in the average of 284 days of sunshine per year in Los Angeles and realize you can’t go one more day of letting the free solar rays hit your property without converting it into usable solar energy for your business or home.

But because you should always enter an investment with all your questions answered, we have put together some useful information for Los Angeles County below.

Los Angeles Solar Energy Incentives

If your solar energy system produces excess energy, you can sell that solar energy back to LADWP at a retail rate. LADWP’s net metering is a bit different from private utility “net metering 2.0” which uses Time-of-use pricing and can offer more or less depending on the time of day that you feed solar energy back.

Up to 26% of the cost of a solar energy system can be used as tax credit but will decrease every year, so earlier the better for installing a solar energy system in Los Angeles, California.

Some of our solar energy Featured Projects in Los Angeles County

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“The optimization and inverter technology they employed is now allowing our system to perform better than predicted by the California solar calculator. The Solar PV system has greatly exceeded our expectations.”

William, ESQ., Floratos, Loll & Devine A Professional Law Corporation

Each of the three systems you designed are now producing all of the energy that we need to operate our facility. We appreciate that Solar Energy Builders invested the time to properly size our installation.”

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“Solar Energy Builders made sure our project had full time supervision, and continued to repair portions of our structure even after the city inspectors had approved the roof for re-roofing. They did not have to do that.”

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“We just found out from SCE our little solar farm produced more than we used! you coached us into a very intelligent business decision by going solar on our roof.”

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“[Your system] helped us to receive the maximum city cash incentives while also offsetting more of our power use from the local utility.”

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