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Pair your system with a Solar Battery to instantly maximize savings through Energy Storage

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What is Energy Storage?

We like to think of it as the best back up plan for your energy needs. When your solar system produces more energy than you are consuming, the extra energy is stored in a battery.

The energy stored in the battery can then be used to avoid using utility energy when it is most expensive, and to back up critical loads when there is a utility outage.

A system like this from Solar Energy Builders, puts the power of solar energy in your own hands — and you become the most envied neighbor on the block when even a power outage doesn’t stop you.

Solar Energy Storage

Energy Storage Incentives

Under the current Federal Codes, battery storage systems qualify for the ITC, which is a tax credit that can be claimed on federal corporate income taxes for up to 30% of the cost of the battery storage system that is placed in service during the tax year (See our Business Incentives tab  for how this applies to solar systems).

Under this tax credit, you can bundle the cost of a battery storage system with an accompanying solar system and apply the credit to the total combined cost for maximum tax credits and energy savings.

Benefits of energy storage through solar batteries

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Double Your Savings, or More

Peak energy usages can bump your demand charges, often doubling your energy bills. By implementing our energy storage systems, you can control peak demand charges and save thousands. Only pay for the power you use.

Energy Arbitrage

Energy arbitrage is using the solar energy you stored when utility energy costs were at their lowest to avoid using utility energy when it is most expensive. Newly enacted Time-of-use (TOU) utility rates provide low value solar credits during the day and charge the highest rates between 4 and 9pm everyday when solar production is at its lowest. To beat the utility at their own game with energy storage, you simply store your solar energy during the day when solar is at its peak and use the stored energy to avoid the more costly TOU periods in the afternoons and evenings.

Bundled Financing Packages

Batteries are rapidly increasing in popularity due to their high financial benefits, especially for commercial properties. By taking advantage of tax credits, cash California SGIP rebate incentives, and bundled financing, the cost of a battery system can be returned by nearly over 60 percent. We recommend our free assessment to see just how much an energy storage system can save your business.

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Time-of-Use Savings

During energy “peak periods” between 4 and 9pm, electricity rates are highest and your money flows to the utility companies. We offer an LG Chem battery system that can give you the power to store energy during the day when solar harvesting is at its peak and avoid paying for costly energy in the evenings.

Power Backups

The residential energy storage system from Solar Energy Builders offers you peace-of-mind during power outages to support your critical loads, such as your refrigerator, select lighting, garage doors, and select electronic plugs. Stop worrying about being in the dark ever again.

Future Proof Your Solar Investment

With the addition of energy storage to your solar system, you can avoid the stress of how future utility rate and policy changes can affect the value of your solar energy. You can relax knowing that you are always getting the maximum value out of your solar energy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the battery an IoT device (internet-based)?2024-04-25T10:21:09-07:00

Your battery (IoT device) functions without the internet, but you will need an internet connection to track and monitor your energy.

How long can I expect the solar battery to last?2024-04-25T10:25:52-07:00

Solar Battery Lifespan: We only use LG Chem lithium ion and industrial-grade lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries because we believe they are the best and will last you for the long-run. These battery systems come with 10-year performance warranties.

Will the battery allow me to go off-grid?2024-04-25T10:30:03-07:00

The battery provides you energy when the sun isn’t shining or when there has been a power outage, but to provide enough energy to power your home or business during a typical day off-grid, batteries are not the best solution. The best use for batteries is to store and manage your solar energy to provide you the best returns and we recommend that you remain connected to the grid.

Best location for residential storage systems2024-04-25T10:35:40-07:00

Having had much experience installing batteries, we’ve learned that the location changes for everyone, but usually residential storage systems will be mounted in your garage or on an outside wall, and commercial systems can vary in size significantly.

How much solar storage would I need?2024-04-25T10:49:25-07:00

We perform virtual and on-site assessments to design a system that serves your energy needs, and in that design, we can determine how much storage your system would require.

Let’s start building an energy smart future for you today!

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