Morefield Residence, Newport Beach CA

This residence wanted to enjoy a year-round heated pool and wanted to use solar energy to power the growing energy needs of their home. Adding solar energy storage and solar energy back-up features were also on their list of must-haves.
Since they had a large, flat, and older roof, Solar Energy Builders had the roof inspected and various areas were cleaned, repaired, and sealed prior to installing the solar panels over the existing flat roof top. Then a three-step commercial grade waterproofing system was used for each of the structural roof penetrations to ensure long-term worry-free performance of their new solar system. This is an example of the measures Solar Energy Builders takes to deliver each of our clients a top-quality and high-performing solar system.
The solar panels were paired with an energy storage system offering solar energy back-up power for the residence, and energy mamagement features to offset expensive peak energy costs.
Solar energy storage with solar back-up by Solar Energy Builders

Project Specifications

System Type:
Fixed Tilt Design

System Size:

Energy Storage Size:

Average Monthly Costs Before/After:
$1,240 / $244

solar energy back-up and solar energy storage solution

Customer Testimonial

“Tom and Solar Energy Builders were recommended by a friend, and I’m glad they were.

Solar is a large investment and I appreciated how Solar Energy Builders worked with me to design the system and results I was looking for.”

Steve Morefield