Nissei America Inc., Anaheim CA

With large amounts of open roof area, and valuable incentives available through the Anaheim Pubic utility, Nissei America eliminated their kWh utility charges with a Solar Energy Builders PV system. To prevent any damage to the roof on this specific project, Solar energy Builders used engineered wind-resistant cement ballast to secure the panels for any environment.

Project Specifications

System Type:
Ballasted Fixed Tilt 15⁰ Roof Mount

System Size:
78.7kW – 246, 320 watt panels

kWh Production 1st yr/25 yr Cumulative:
121,934 / 2,844,630

Average 25/yr Cost Per kWh:
$.018 cents

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Customer Testimonial

“Solar Energy Builders paid attention to detail, listened to our concerns, provided us with options, and delivered what they promised.

We recommend business owners speak to Solar Energy Builders if they are considering adding solar to their business operations.”

Hisano Kanazawa
Nissei America, Inc.