EMPI Inc., Anaheim CA

Taking advantage of open roof areas, and Anaheim utility credits, EMPI invested in a PV system to control long term energy costs.
SolarEdge Power Optimizers were incorporated to ensure maximum solar energy harvesting throughout the PV array.
Solar Energy Builders employed multiple inverters to eliminate a single point of failure, ensuring power production for years to come.

Project Specifications

System Type:
Fixed Tilt 15⁰ Roof Mount

System Size:
253.5kW – 780, 325 watt panels

kWh Production 1st yr/25 yr Cumulative:
394,287 / 9,198,423

Average 25/yr Cost Per kWh:
$.014 cents

anaheim ca, solar energy project utilizing utility credits
utility credits for solar energy anaheim ca

Customer Testimonial

“Solar Energy Builders took the time to make sure things were done right. We are very pleased with our investment”

Daniel Welden
EMPI, Inc.