Dr. DeLeon, DDS, San Bernardino, the Inland Empire,  CA

Operating a dentistry facility in the Inland Empire where summer heat and winter chills require extra cooling and heating had been adding to the operating costs of this dentistry facility for years.

Inland Empire Solar Company Solar Energy Builders designed a custom 24kW solar system to take advantage of the limited available space and installed a new energy efficient silicon roof system providing almost 60% in energy savings and peace of mind with a watertight roof.

Energy efficient roof system in the Inland Empire

Project Specifications

System Type:
Fixed Tilt Roof Mount- 15° Tilt

System Size:
23kW – 64, 360-watt panels

kWh Production 1st yr/25 yr Cumulative:
42,953 / 1,002,062

Average 30/yr Cost Per kWh:
$.022 cents

Customer Testimonial

“We are very pleased with the performance of our solar system and new roof. Inland Empire Solar Company Solar Energy Builder’s made the entire experience simple taking care of everything from start to finish.”

Dr. Rumulo DeLeon