Plaza De Oro, Anaheim CA

Due to very limited roof space, using roof-top solar to reduce operating costs delivered less than 20% of this facility’s needs. So Solar Energy Builders as a solar contractor, recommended solar canopies (solar carports) to deliver power for 100% of their kWh needs. We respect every dollar that our client’s invest into our solar systems and will only install panels that will produce a return for your business or home.

Taking advantage of their open areas, 60 parking stalls were used to create a 157kW solar array using a solar carport system.

In addition to reducing operating costs, the solar canopies improve building aesthetics, add to property value, and provide shaded parking – a bonus to attracting tenants.

Project Specifications

System Type:
Solar Carports – 60 Covered Stalls

System Size:
157kW – 616, 255 watt panels

kWh Production 1st yr/25 yr Cumulative:
225,374 / 5,257,808

Average 25/yr Cost Per kWh:
$.24 cents

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