EV Charging at Your Home

You have a new electric vehicle,
what do you do now?

You have started the move to go green by purchasing an electric vehicle – now what? More and more EV charging stations are being built every day so your ability to charge your electric vehicle is becoming easier all the time. However, there still exists the angst associated with having to make sure your electric vehicle is charged when you leave your house.

Your Level 1  EV charger that came with your electric vehicle takes approximately 20 hours to fully charge your vehicle.

Installing an at home Level 2  EV charging system is the answer! Having your own faster charging system will alleviate your stress and ensure your vehicle is always ready to go.

Adding an EV Charging Station at your Residence

If you are having an EV charging station installed at your home, our professionals will help decide the best model of charging station based on your vehicle and your needs.

The installation of a Level 2 Charger will charge 2-5 times quicker than the Level 1 charger you received with your vehicle. An incredible benefit of this is that with shorter charging periods  you can charge during off peak electrical times to save money on your energy consumption compared to a Level 2 charger. Installing a Level 2 charger may require a home electrical panel upgrade, which our experts can quickly and easily install.

Smart EV Chargers

Typically a homeowner will purchase a “smart” charger. This will be connected to your home wi-fi. A smart charger will offer you the ability to communicate with your charger via a downloadable smartphone app. A Wi-Fi enabled charger will enable you to remotely initiate a charge and check on its progress in addition to a myriad of other actions.

Seamless Integration of EV Chargers and Solar Systems

Our EV chargers go hand in hand with our solar systems, providing your vehicle with energy stored from the sun to maximize your electrical savings!


Given our extensive experience with EV charging stations, you can expect expert service and results from our team. We will take your project from the initial permitting stage to the final installation.

Let’s start building an energy smart future for you today!