Best california EV Charging Station installer

LEVEL 1 EV Charging Systems

This is the most basic charger for electric vehicles. This is known as the 120 volt charger and is the charging cord that comes with electric vehicles and plugs into any regular 3 prong outlet. This is the slowest charger and is typically used for overnight charging. With a Level 1 charger it can take over 20 hours to fully charge an electric vehicle’s battery.

EV Charging Systems
EV Charging Systems

LEVEL 2 EV Charging Systems

This charger is sold separately from your electric vehicle and is known as the 240 volt charger. Level 2 chargers operate at least twice as fast as Level 1 chargers. These chargers need to have a dedicated 240 volt circuit which our professionals can install.

LEVEL 3 EV Charging Systems

Also known as DC Fast Charging: These systems use DC power rather than AC power and are only used for commercial or public locations. These fast chargers are capable of fully charging electric vehicles in 15 minutes.

EV Charging Systems

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